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Bruce og Óli's Camping Trip Journal
13-15 Ágúst 2004, Iceland
By Bruce McMillan
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Sunday morning, 15 Ágúst

Camp at Eyvindarkofi.
We awake to the sound of our wind-flapped tent. It's fine, but one pad that we left outside has blown away. Later in the morning in a stream downwind, Óli found it wedged by the mossy bank. The clouds that had settled in last evening look like they will break open to blue skies or at least a partly cloudy day..

A cool bubbling spring in the stream
at the center of fine black silt.

The spring is at the bottom of the photo.
Óli cooks us soup and tea for breakfast, and even takes on the chore of washing the dishes. He has a most unique way of holding a towel to keep it from blowing away in the breeze. He used his head and in effect his neck. Hiking around I find that we are in the midst of springs everywhere. I find a pair in a stream that is constantly bubbling up small domes of water in the fine black silt – quite beautiful. We both take photos. Since we are in a bog, a stop back at the car for me is necessary. It is amazing how nice a pair of dry socks and dry boots can feel.

Bruce with the Hofsjökull glacier behind.

Bruce holding a cool bubble

The ruins of the hut used by the outlaws,
Fjalla-Eyvidur and his female companion Halla,
from the 1700s are in the foreground.

Óli with his unique way of holding a towel
to keep it from getting blown away by the breeze.

Our camp view as we left.
Before we break camp we stop to watch three hawks flying nearby and landing just downstream from us. It is noon and time to stop writing, take down the tent, and get on with our next adventure. We will leave this pristine place as pristine as we found it.
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