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Bruce og Óli's Camping Trip Journal
13-15 Ágúst 2004, Iceland
By Bruce McMillan
Friday evening Saturday morning
Saturday afternoon Saturday evening
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Saturday evening, 14 Ágúst

We turn around and head back and to the right.
Plan B.
There is an oasis at the end of the desert, mossy bogs with flowing streams everywhere as far as you can see and large populations of geese, and some history. That is where we are headed now.

On our way, shadowing ourselves.

At last we arrive at Eyvindarkofi.
Fjalla-Eyvidur and his female companion Halla were outlaws in the 1700s and hid out here. The ruins of their hut are next to where we are going to stay. By ten o'clock camp is all set up and we are eating our feast of lamb and peppers and potatoes. But there is one big difference. We are eating facing the glacier, Hofsjökull, and the temperature has dropped. This evening I am wearing a T-shirt, a flannel shirt, a cotton sweater, and my Icelandic wool sweater. This is the same day that started out shirtless. This is Iceland; eating dinner while facing a glacier.

With the glacier behind, Bruce grills dinner.

Seasoned free-range Icelandic lamb,
potato and peppers.

Camp facing the Hofsjökull glacier at 11:00 p.m.
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