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Bruce og Óli's Camping Trip Journal
13-15 Ágúst 2004, Iceland
By Bruce McMillan
Friday evening Saturday morning
Saturday afternoon Saturday evening
Sunday morning Sunday evening
Saturday afternoon, 14 Ágúst

We stopped at nearby Hjálparfoss (Help Waterfall, go figure) with its double falls and I relaxed and cooled off. The water was cold, but I've felt ocean water in Maine that was colder. It was nice to cool off from the heat wave.

Bruce cools off at Hjálparfoss.

Rock formations at Hjálparfoss.

A refreshed Bruce on to the highlands.
We headed up further into the highlands with a stop at the last benzene (gas) station and switched drivers.

The road not taken.

Looking back at the first night's camp site mountain.

Mt. Hekla in the distance rising above
the literally power filled river..

The glacial till filled river makes a unique color
as seen on the view north from the bridge.

The bridge with a view.

The view south from the bridge.
We pulled over to check out the force of nature harnessed by humans. The series of lakes above and series of power stations are awesome. Looking at the sheer power of water at one dam was magnificent. It was so beautiful here and yet we saw not a soul. The colors of the water filled with glacial till and the river banks were like a painting.

The spillway.

A power rainbow.

Bruce the feels the power.
Then it was on to the black desert, truly a desert and truly spectacular with blowing drifting sand. Yet even plants find a way to grow up here. I got a cell phone call from Margo, the glass maker on Vestmannaeyjar, and found out that I have a third artist to visit next Saturday at Menningarnótt, Culture Night. Just as I commented, "I can't believe the cell phone range and that I could get her call way up here," we were out of range. And that was the end of that.

Another lake in the desert.

Lake colors.

Black and blue have a whole new meaning.

Bruce the flower holder of the black highlands desert.

Why Óli crossed the road.
After passing beautiful blue lakes in the black desert we had to make a change of plans. We decided not to find out why the chicken crossed the road. Óli checked the depth of the stream in the road and we found that it was too deep for our wheelbase. Ekkert mál (no problem). Change of plans. We are in good spirits with lots of laughs. Back we go for a bit and then off to Eyvindarkofi, a few more hours driving. I can not believe that we do not see one car during this entire drive, so of course there is not a soul in sight when we arrive at Eyvindarkofi that evening.
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