The Problem with Chickens
written by Bruce McMillan
illustrated by Gunnella
(Guðrún Elín Ólafsdóttir)
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I first met Gunnella and her husband
on my summer, 2002, working visit to Iceland.
The previous summer I'd purchased a painting of hers,
In Dreamland.
The story is completed and Gunnella is
finishing the last few paintings.
Look for it to be published in the Fall of 2005.

This painting was given to me in 2002
by the Icelandic artist, Gunnella.
It planted the idea for this book.
These are from the work-in-progress

Use your imagination...and...

you may get an idea of where this story is going.

Meanwhile, you can read a bit more
about this noted Icelandic artist at
Gunnella's Web Site.
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